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The AAPI label is an umbrella term for over 50 ethnic groups and when considered as a standalone identity, a monolithic group, the richness of the AAPI community is diminished and different experiences and truths become void. On this podcast, you will embark on a journey to dismantle the stereotypes as it sets out to show the AAPI community is more than a monolith by addressing misperceptions, sharing our truths and exploring personal stories. 
Each episode is a conversation where we dive into a variety of topics. We explore topics like policy, leadership, culture, racism and share space for hearing personal stories to celebrate the diverse narratives behind the AAPI name. We are one community standing strong together in honoring our multiple perspectives and unique histories.
The mission of CAAPLE is to ensure equity and address the needs of AAPI students by recruiting, growing, and connecting AAPI educators and leaders.